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HODA CODEX: patch 6.17.2020

Here are the last updates on with the 6.17.20 patch Lyrium Forge Gear Revamps Aeducan’s Hammer Chantry Robe Glandivalis Hakkon’s Wisdom Lyrium Kit Tome of Koslun Hero Revamps 2* Alamarri Warlord2* Arl Eamon Guerrin– Upgrade to 2*2* Arl Rendon Howe– Upgrade to 2*2* King Maric Follow @HodaCodex on TwitterDon’t forget to like the Facebook […]


HODA CODEX: Wardens update

With the Patch 11.20.19, Wardens group has been updated Promote to 2*2* Nathaniel Howe Full update3* Thom Rainier, 2* Grey Warden Knight, 2* Grey Warden Loghain, 2* Riordan Stats update2* Avernus, 2* Janeka, 2* Warden Commander Duncan, 3* Warden-Commander Sophia, 1* Grey Warden Banner New GearsArlathan Focusing CrystalSaarebas RestraintsWinter-WeightVigilance Follow @HodaCodex on TwitterDon’t forget to […]