HODA CODEX: a bunch of new things

New Heroes
3* Lady of the Forest – 2* Gatekeeper – 2* Cassian – 1* Bulfa – 1* Danyla – Rare Shadow Werewolf – Rare Rabid Werewolf – Epic Forest Spirit – Epic Werewolf Alpha – Epic Blighted Shadow Wolf

New Gears
Legendary Mythals’s Judgment – Epic Dalish Robes – Rare Swiftrunner’s Shield

New Filters
Add a new Group : Werewolves
Aura Positive Target -> Werewolves
Bonus -> Vs. Elves
Bonus -> Vs Humans

Revamped heroes
-Witherfang (promote 2*)
-Swiftrunner (promote 2*)
-Forest Spirit (ex Lady of the Forest)

They went to the museum of old portraits

due to recent patches the hero stats update is not over yet

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