HODA CODEX: Dwarves & Qunari update

With all the recent patches and revamps i had to update a lot of heroes on the site.
The work is not totally finished but the mainly part is now behind me ūüėČ


— from patch 07.17.19 — (patch notes and details here)
Promote to 2* :
2* King Endrin Aeducan, 2* Beraht, 2* Paragon Branka, 2* Grey Warden Sigrun, 2* Pala
updated stats : a lot of Dwarves

— from patch 06.26.19 — (patch notes and details here)
Promote to 2* :
2* Viddasala and 2* Hissera
updated stats : several Qunari heroes

Many thanks to @Lokiloam who provided most of the new portraits

Ancient portraits of revamped heroes go to the Museum of old portraits, of course : 1* Beraht, 1* Grey Warden Sigrun, 1* Hissera, 1* King Endrin Aeducan, 1* Kitty, 1* Pala, 1* Paragon Branka, 1* Viddasala


I revamped Qunari groups on the website, and you’ll now find groups for Arvaarad (Saarebas handlers), Ben-Hassrath (Spy organization) and Saarebas in the filters.
Addition of the Carta in the groups.

For the new filters, here they are:

Bonus -> Vs Carta
Positive Aura Target -> Carta
Positive Aura Target -> Arvaarad
Positive Aura Target -> Ben-Hassrath
Positive Aura Target -> Saarebas

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