HODA CODEX: June 2020


You can now search for rewards for mini PVE events 

For others Quest Events, i add following rewards:
Dirth Ma Bana!
Nature of the Beast
Return to Ostagar
Stone Sense!
The Dread Wolf Rises

These lists are not complete, do not hesitate to send me your loot for addition 

PATCH 5.27.2020

New Gears
mythic Kaltenzahn Scale
legendary Greater Mistral Scale
epic Dworkin’s High Explosives
epic Spectral Scale
rare Gamordan Stormrider Scale

New ability and new filter : Perceptive

This new ability is currently applied to the following:

3* Kaltenzahn
3* Hunterhorn Shrike
legendary Arlathan Focusing Crystal
legendary Greater Mistral Scale

Some heroes has been revamped:

2* Gamordan Stormrider Dragonling
2* Greater Mistral Dragonling
2* Kaltenzahn Dragonling
2* Vinsomer Dragonling

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