HODA CODEX v2.5 : How to use Lists ?

How to use lists in the Hoda Codex v2.5

My Heroes List
By default, when you click hero’s name, you add him to your My Heroes list.
He is selected and his name turn yellow.
Click the Blue Star if you want to add duplicates.
(You can use the MyList filter to only displayed the selected heroes)

Other Lists
If you want to create a new list you have 2 options:

option 1– Use filters to display the custom group of heroes you want.
Then Create a new list (+), the group will be automatically saved into it.

option 2– Create first a new empty list(+).
– All heroes are unselected & name turn white.
– you can manually select the hero you want to add to this list by clicking his name

Using the Lists Selector allow you to display heroes selected in the active list, those with yellow names.
Combining with the Filter My List you can display only these.

You can also import / export lists for share with friends or manage your lists on different devices.

Just copy/paste the code in a text-file or an email to save/load your lists

For example, you can share a list in copying the code from Export window in a mail, send it, & paste it in the Import window on another device or computer.

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