HODA CODEX: all the last changes

Hissera_FULLMany changes in the Hodacodex !

New Heroes added : 2* Spirit Champion and 1* Hissera

New Gears added : Hissera’s Mask, Qunari Tower Shield and Barbarian Lord Maul

Some Heroes have been revamped : Necromancer Dorian, Hissrad, Knight-Commander Delrin … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: New rewards in Banished Plane event

Rodailleur-de-l-ImmaterielCalpernia_FULL– Addition of 1* Fade-Touched Lurker, Fade-Touched Lurker Scales and Fade-touched Silverite.
All are Exclusive Rewards from The Banished Plane Event
– Addition of the Orb of Destruction in Champion Pack
– Champion Pack update:
REMOVED: Elfie Sera, Sera … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: 1*Red Lyrium Nug and new Gears

Cochard-de-lyrium-rouge_FULLAddition of 1* Red Lyrium Nug
New Gears: Sad Weapon, Sera’s Raisin Cookies and Wedge of Destiny
Champion Pack updated:
-Sera, Elfie Sera and Red Jenny Sera added
-Artificer Varric, Bianca , Varric Tethras and … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: 1* Qunari Defender and new Gears

Defenseur-Qunari_FULL– Addition of 1* Qunari Defender
– New gears: Dreamweaver Staff, Golden Prince’s Cauldron and Bianca

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HODA CODEX: 1* Gurn, Hardened Gurn Hide and Remarkable Emerald


– Addition of 1* Gurn… Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: 2* Marius, 1* Tessa Forsythia and Magekiller

Marius_FULLTessa-Forsythia_FULL– Addition of 2* Marius and 1* Tessa Forsythia
– Champion Pack updated: Magister Dorian and Venatori Zealot removed
– New gears: Magekiller and Tome of Ascension (it was missing…)

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HODA CODEX: 2* Spirit of Shartan, Glandivalis and heroes updated

Esprit-de-Shartan_FULLGlandivalis– Addition of 2* Spirit of Shartan
– Heroes updated Patch 2.2.17
.Advisor Morrigan
.Dragon of the Elder One
.Risen Ogre
– Champion Pack updated: Red Lyrium Blackwall and Alpha Goat removed
– New Gear: Glandivalis… Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: 2* Mother Giselle and 1* Divine Guard

Garde-divine_FULLMere-Giselle_FULL– Addition of 2* Mother Giselle and 1* Divine Guard
– Champion pack updated: Battlemaster Garrett Hawke and Battlemaster Marian Hawke removed
– New Gears: Addition of Chantry Robe and Ardent Blossom

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