TWD Outpost: Set up your defenses !

A fan-app for the mobile game

« The Walking Dead No Man’s Land »


Use the TWD Outpost app to better plan and set up your outpost to better defend against other players !

Easy features to quickly display walls, plans or goals and choose the right place to place your walkers and defenders !

Randomly display  a setup to find new disposition for the three sections of your No Man’s land Outpost.

How to use the TWD Outpost app

Displaying the blue-prints

When the blue-prints are displayed, you first get a small version of each section, but you can tap the plan to increase the size of each section individually.

Displaying the walls, flag and stash

You can display the walls of the 3 sections and see clearly which obstacles will block the path of your aggressor.

The flag in the middle section and the stash in the right section are lit in green to better see them.