HODA CODEX: Dwarves & Qunari update

With all the recent patches and revamps i had to update a lot of heroes on the site.
The work is not totally finished but the mainly part is now behind me 😉


— from patch 07.17.19 — … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: Early April

Addition of 3* Turlock Vanguard

Addition of rare Tome of Arcane Technique and uncommon Tome of Physical Technique.
I also added the uncommon Flawless Nature Crystal and the common Flawless Ice Crystal that were missing

HEROES Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: 2* Keeper Deshanna and more

Addition of 2* Keeper Deshanna, exclusive reward for the new Gauntlet event: « The Lonely Path »
With the 03.13.19 patch, some heroes have been revamped:
2* Danarius (promote to 2*)
2* Imperial Archon
2* … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: all changes with patch 01.30.19

With patch 01.30.19 many heroes have been revamped, some have only a few minor changes, others have been completely modified. All details here: https://bit.ly/2DLTzfi

2* Brogan Dace (Upgrade to 2*), 2* Lord Pyral Harrowmont (Upgrade to 2*)

3* Ariqun, 2* … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: start of the year 2019

Happy New Year to all !!!!
Here are the latest additions to the hodacodex.com

New Heroes
1* Spirit Archer – 3* Tempest Sera (4 tiers) – 3* Hunterhorn Shrike

New Gears
Oath-Breaker (Legendary) – Loose Ends (Epic) – Chantry Shield … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: 2* Phantasmal Shadow

Addition of 2* Phantasmal Shadow, and a new filter bonus vs Power Drainers

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HODA CODEX: 3* Queen of the Eastern Seas and more

NEW HERO – 3* Queen of the Eastern Seas
NEW GEARS – common Smuggler’s Dagger and legendary Aeducan’s Hammer
With 11.7.18 patch some heroes has been revamped:
3* Dragon of the Elder One, 2* Red Lyrium Giant, 2* … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: Shadow Nug and more

Addition of 2* Gamordan Stormrider Dragonling and Epic Shadow Nug

Addition of the mythic Bull’s Edge and the legendary Diplomatic Missives

With patch 10.17.18 some heroes has been revamped or slightly updated:
3* Advisor … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: Nexus Filters Update

All daily events and the Banished Plane now share the same list of Gears.

For not overloading description card with numerous Event-badges numbers, Gears who belongs to this list just have the N°5 Nexus Event (Friday/Items & Runes event)

and … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: September 2018 update

I’m back, and i made a very big update on hodacodex.com

During the summer, many heroes or gears have been revamped or added in the game, here are the details of the updates made on the site on september 2018:… Lire la suite