HODA CODEX: New & Revamped Heroes

New Heroes
2* Keeper Zathrian
New Gear
Soulwrecker Staff
Revamped Heroes
Knight-Commander Delrin Barris
Lambert Van reeves
Ser Belinda Darrow
Gamordan Stormrider
Keeper Marethari
Guardian of Mythal
Champion, Knight, Soldier & Recruit packs updated

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HODA CODEX: Maevaris & Gereon Alexius updated

Heroes updated
2* Maevaris and 3* Gereon Alexius were updated with new stats & abilities
Iron & Bloodstone Packs have been refreshed
Removed from Bloodstone Pack
Captain Isabela
Snowy Wyvern
Scout Harding
Amethyst Shale
Professor Bram Kenric
The Lost… Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: Seeker’s Duty revamped event

Rewards are updated for the « Seeker’s Duty » event.


3* Lambert Van Reeves
1* Byron
1* High Seeker Aldren
1* Lucius Corin
Chantry Warrior
Sebastian Vael
Templar Knight-Corporal
Templar Samson
Knight-Commander Greagoir
Templar Carver
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HODA CODEX: Patch 9.26.17

Added to Knight Pack
Divine Vivienne
Hakkonite Archer
Hakkonite Defender
Lucius Corin… Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: RP, SP and KP correction

Recruit, Soldier and Knight packs fixed and updated thanks to Agelico who noticed some errors.

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HODA CODEX: 2* Avernus and more

New Hero
Addition of 2* Avernus
New Gears
Addition of Alchemical Concoction and Antique Warden Crossbow
Bloodstone & Iron Packs refresh (patch 9.6.17)
Removed from Bloodstone Pack
2* Grey Warden Genevieve
2* Prince Sebastian Vael
1* Calpernia
1* Despair Demon… Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: KP, SP & RP updated

Patch – 7.26.17 – Pack Refreshes

Knight Pack – Heroes Added
2* Knight-Commander Delrin Barris
1* Crassius Servis
1* Sidony
Dragonling (epic)
Red Templar Guard (epic)

Soldier/Recruit Packs – Heroes Added
1* Arvaarad
1* Emerald Shale
1* Golden Halla
1* … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: Bloodstone and Iron Packs updated

With the Patch 7.6.17, BP & IP have been refreshed.
Removed from Bloodstone Pack
2* King Maric
2* Guardian of the Urn
1* Grey Warden Sigrun
1* Assassin Florianne
1* Samson
1* Spirit of Justinia
1* Horror
Added to Bloodstone Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: summary of recent additions

A lot of updates in the HodaCodex :
New Heroes
1* Grey Warden Banner
1* Hakkonite Spellbinder
2* Bethany Hawke
2* Janeka
2* Maferath
2* Ser Aaron Hawthorne
2* Vara
3* Revenant Gurd
New Gears
Captain’s Plate
Chestplate of … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: all the last changes

Hissera_FULLMany changes in the Hodacodex !

New Heroes added : 2* Spirit Champion and 1* Hissera

New Gears added : Hissera’s Mask, Qunari Tower Shield and Barbarian Lord Maul

Some Heroes have been revamped : Necromancer Dorian, Hissrad, Knight-Commander Delrin … Lire la suite