Hoda Codex: New heroes and pack refresh

Gardien-du-cœur-de-Titan_FULLTraqueur-de-Sha-Brytol-FULL– Addition of 3* Titan Heart Guardian and 1* Sha-Brytol Stalker
– Lily updated with dual-Faction Red-White
– High Seeker Aldren updated
– 8/24 Knight Pack Refresh
– Champion Pack updated: Jerrik Dace and Amber Shale removed

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HODA CODEX: 2* Duke Cyril & Patch 8/3

Duc-Cyril_FULL– Addition of 2* Duke Cyril
– Duke Prosper updated
– Jaws of Hakkon revamped
– Champion Pack updated: Spirit of Cole and Spirit of Faith removed
– Bloodstone and Iron Pack Refresh – 8/3
Added to the Bloodstone PackLire la suite

HODA CODEX: 2* Red Lyrium Iron Bull and 1* Noble King Cailan

Iron-Bull-le-rouge_FULLNoble-roi-Cailan_FULLAddition of 2* Red Lyrium Iron Bull and 1* Noble King Cailan
– 2 new filters:
Power-Damage based off target’s Power
– Champion Pack update:
Regalia D’Marcall & Young Cassandra removed
– Add Nobility & Outlaws … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: Shah-Wyrd revamp

HC-ShahWyrd_revampShah-Wyrd has revamp-boosted stats (Power: 7497 Health: 24296), and a couple new auras to buff allies… Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: patch 6/1

Aurelien-Titus_FULL– Bloodstone, Iron, Recruit & Soldier packs updated (Details here)
– Aurelian Titus & Imperial Archon revamped
– New filter « Power -Convert Damage into Power »
– New Faction added to Commander Duhaime, Nug King & Venatori Marksman… Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: 1* Cahir

– Addition of 1* Cahir & Dragonling max values updated

– Champion Pack: Ariqun & Tamassran removed
– Many little errors corrected thanks to Agelico and her meticulous look 😉

HODA CODEX: 3* Fen’Harel, 1* Maryden & Epic Dragonling

Fen-Harel_FULLMaryden_FULL-Addition of 3* Fen’Harel, 1* Maryden & Epic Dragonling (a very special thank you to Therealpill Cosby who gave me all 4 Maryden’s portraits & Dragonling so quickly !)
-Briala & Red Lyrium Meredith updated
-Knight Pack updated
-Champion Pack … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: Patch 4/19

4-19_patchIron Pack & Blood Pack update
Merrill updated

Added to the Bloodstone Pack
3* Dorian
3* Fereldan Frontback
2* Bianca
1* Arvaarad
1* Great Bear
1* Hall
1* First Enchanter Irving
1* Sandal
1* Witherfang

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HODA CODEX: 3* Red Jenny Sera, 1* Plaidweave Dorian and Vivienne

Addition of 3 new heroes
New Resistance filters : Resist Vs. Apostates & Resist Vs. Demons
Assassin Florianne & Packs updated
Dorian-en-tartan_FULLSera-l-amie-de-Jenny_FULLVivienne-en-tartan_FULLLire la suite

HODA CODEX – Search & Sort – Packs update

HodaCodex-2.4-Search-&-Sort– Another new development in the Codex Hoda: Search Heroes & Smart Sort.
In this update, the Heroes are currently sorted automatically by name but now you can combine with other sorting as the rarity or the faction.
You can … Lire la suite