HODA CODEX: Revamped Heroes (2.7.18)

Schmooples & Ser Pounce-a-Lot have been revamped !

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HODA CODEX: New & Revamped Heroes

New Heroes
2* Keeper Zathrian
New Gear
Soulwrecker Staff
Revamped Heroes
Knight-Commander Delrin Barris
Lambert Van reeves
Ser Belinda Darrow
Gamordan Stormrider
Keeper Marethari
Guardian of Mythal
Champion, Knight, Soldier & Recruit packs updated

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HODA CODEX: Maevaris & Gereon Alexius updated

Heroes updated
2* Maevaris and 3* Gereon Alexius were updated with new stats & abilities
Iron & Bloodstone Packs have been refreshed
Removed from Bloodstone Pack
Captain Isabela
Snowy Wyvern
Scout Harding
Amethyst Shale
Professor Bram Kenric
The Lost… Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: 3* The Dark Theurge and more

New Heroes
3* The Dark Theurge
2* Possessed Ogre Commander
Epic Blighted Fennec
New Gear
Ser Alvard’s Sword
Epics Heroes
Several Epics have been refreshed !
– Armored Bear
– Aveline Vallen
– Grey Warden Alistair
– Grey Warden Bethany… Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: 1* Kitty and new gears

New Hero
1* Kitty
New Gears
Kitty’s Collar
Wilhelm’s Staff
Heroes updated
Solas & Apostate Solas have been revamped
Fen’ Harel, Solas & Apostate Solas added for the week

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HODA CODEX: 3* Lady Seeker Cassandra and more

Dame-chercheuse-Cassandra_FULLNew Heroes
Addition of 3* Lady Seeker Cassandra
New Gears
Addition of The Divine Armor
Heroes updated
Divine Cassandra, Seeker Cassandra and Young Cassandra updated
New Filters
A few more filters like :
– Banners in Group filter
– Vs … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: 1*Shianni, 1* Lurker and gears

New Heroes
– Addition of 1*Shianni and 1* Lurker
New gears
– Addition of Dawn Ring and Stuffed Mabari
Champion pack updated
– Guardian of Mythal and Wintersend Cullen removed from pack
– Young Cassandra, Seeker Cassandra, and Divine Cassandra … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: 3* Inquisitor Ameridan and more

Inquisiteur-Ameridan_FULL– Addition of 3* Inquisitor American
– Addition of Vestments of the Dragon Hunter, Inquisition Longsword and Orlesian Mask
– Heroes updated: The Last Inquisitor and Professor Bram Kenric
– Champion pack updated: Ice Giant removed and addition of The … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: summary of recent additions

A lot of updates in the HodaCodex :
New Heroes
1* Grey Warden Banner
1* Hakkonite Spellbinder
2* Bethany Hawke
2* Janeka
2* Maferath
2* Ser Aaron Hawthorne
2* Vara
3* Revenant Gurd
New Gears
Captain’s Plate
Chestplate of … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: all the last changes

Hissera_FULLMany changes in the Hodacodex !

New Heroes added : 2* Spirit Champion and 1* Hissera

New Gears added : Hissera’s Mask, Qunari Tower Shield and Barbarian Lord Maul

Some Heroes have been revamped : Necromancer Dorian, Hissrad, Knight-Commander Delrin … Lire la suite