HODA CODEX: patch 6.17.2020

Here are the last updates on hodacodex.com with the 6.17.20 patch

Lyrium Forge Gear Revamps

  • Aeducan’s Hammer
  • Chantry Robe
  • Glandivalis
  • Hakkon’s Wisdom
  • Lyrium Kit
  • Tome of Koslun

Hero Revamps

2* Alamarri Warlord
2* Arl Eamon Guerrin
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HODA CODEX: Patch 2.12.2020

With the update 2.12.2020, the legendary 2*Calpernia and the objects conferring Stealth ability, have been modified.

-Fade-touched Lurker Scales (Mythic)
-Ring of Doubt (Mythic)
-Legionnaire Scout Dagger (Legendary)
-Red Lyrium Idol (Legendary)

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HODA CODEX: 3* Xenon, 1* Invisible nug & gears

New Heroes
3* Xenon the Antiquarian
1* Invisible nug
New Gears
Demon’s Advocate (legendary)
Gauntlets of the Nug (rare)
Gear updated
Emblazoned Kirkwall Shield (mythic) updated

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