Windows 10 – Plus de clavier

clavier-win10Quelle surprise de constater que du jour au lendemain, bien que je puisse saisir mon mot de passe au démarrage, le clavier ne fonctionne plus sous Windows 10… Ni clavier, ni pavé numérique…
Il s’agit simplement d’un réglage dans les … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: 1* Erasthenes & 1* Venatori Gladiator

Addition of 2 new Heroes

Erasthene_FULLGladiateur-venatori_FULLLire la suite

HODA CODEX : 2* Jerrik Dace & 1* Amber Shale

Jerrik-Dace_FULLShale-Ambre_FULLAddition of 2* Jerrik Dace & 1* Amber Shale

2 new items in Positive Aura Target filters : Brogan Dace & Snug the Bronto

Champion Pack updated according with CG official Docs

A big thank you to Hassan, Therealpill Cosby, … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX : Banished Plane

banishedplaneAddition of « Banished Plane » in the Packs filter & new Icon in Hero’s description
Thanks to Lokiloam & Therealpill Cosby from Hoda Forums for having inspired me this idea.

HODA CODEX – Search & Sort – Packs update

HodaCodex-2.4-Search-&-Sort– Another new development in the Codex Hoda: Search Heroes & Smart Sort.
In this update, the Heroes are currently sorted automatically by name but now you can combine with other sorting as the rarity or the faction.
You can … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX : 4/3/16

Addition of 3*Saabath & 1*Qunari Shock Trooper

A big thank you to Scythe for giving me the four portraits of « Saabath » so early !

Also thank you to Kosiciel, H. Alfar, Maske55, Therealpill Cosby, Papa Emeritus IV & … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX : 29/2/16

Addition of 3* Spirit of Cole & 1* Spirit of Faith
Thanks to Hoda community for all contributions

HODA CODEX – Stats Feb. 2016

Stats-HC-02-2016Here some stats about the Portraits in the Hoda Codex – February 2016
We’ve got 1492 pics out of 1804, so 312 missing.

Thanks again to all contributors… Lire la suite

HODA CODEX – 25/2/16

Many pics added to the HC thanks to Hassan Alfar, Sinjinkarch, Sebastian Fjhgfjk, Scythe, YetAnotherZathrian & all other members from Hoda Forum
4-Capitaine-Isabela1-Feu-follet-rare-blanc-&-bleu4-Vinsomer….. & more

HODA CODEX – Negative Aura

Hoda Codex - Negative AuraA new way to filter your Heroes

You can now filter separately Heroes with a Negative Aura of those with a Positive Aura

It’s easy to find affected Heroes with the Negative/Positive Aura Target Filter

New Power Filter -Apply … Lire la suite