HODA CODEX: News of July

Addition of 2* Runic Golem and Epic Profane

Addition of legendary Duster Battleaxe, epic Duster Leather Armor, rare Duster Leather Gauntlets, rare Dworkin’s Safe Explosives, and uncommon Duster Leather Pauldron


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HODA CODEX: a bunch of new things

New Heroes
3* Lady of the Forest – 2* Gatekeeper – 2* Cassian – 1* Bulfa – 1* Danyla – Rare Shadow Werewolf – Rare Rabid Werewolf – Epic Forest Spirit – Epic Werewolf Alpha – Epic Blighted Shadow Wolf… Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: may 2019

Updated Heroes
2* Lyrium Fenris (promote to 2*), 2* Sky Horror, 1* Sky Cultist, 2* Crow Sevran (promote to 2*), 2* Cillian, 2* Shinny (promote to 2*), 2* Briala (promote to 2*) and 2* Keeper Marethari (promote to 2*).
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HODA CODEX: Early April

Addition of 3* Turlock Vanguard

Addition of rare Tome of Arcane Technique and uncommon Tome of Physical Technique.
I also added the uncommon Flawless Nature Crystal and the common Flawless Ice Crystal that were missing

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HODA CODEX: 2* Keeper Deshanna and more

Addition of 2* Keeper Deshanna, exclusive reward for the new Gauntlet event: « The Lonely Path »
With the 03.13.19 patch, some heroes have been revamped:
2* Danarius (promote to 2*)
2* Imperial Archon
2* … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: Asaarash Chanfron

Addition of a new gear: the legendary Asaarash Chanfron

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HODA CODEX: 2* Wild Hart

New Hero 2* Wild Hart
New Gear Asaarash Saddle

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HODA CODEX: all changes with patch 01.30.19

With patch 01.30.19 many heroes have been revamped, some have only a few minor changes, others have been completely modified. All details here: https://bit.ly/2DLTzfi

2* Brogan Dace (Upgrade to 2*), 2* Lord Pyral Harrowmont (Upgrade to 2*)

3* Ariqun, 2* … Lire la suite

Patch 01.30.19 – Catalogs

The Commander, Knight, Soldier, and Recruit Packs have been updated in HODA and right now on hodacodex.com
more details here: https://bit.ly/2DLTzfi
With the 01.30.19 patch, more updates are coming on the HodaCodex

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New Heroes
2* Duke Remache de Lydes – 1* Orlesian Banner
New Gears
Helm of the Dragon Hunter (Mythic) – Ruby Ring (Legendary) – Dusk Ring (Rare)
New Filters
Group -Celene Loyalists and -Gaspard Loyalists

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