HODA CODEX v3: Heroes and Gears

banner-hc3-0hodacodex.com now offers all the gears and all the heroes in a single interface.

– Objects can be sorted or filtered easily
– Restrictions appear clearly on the cards
– Buttons allow to show or hide either the heroes, the objects or both

Other changes:
– Possibility of masking the wisps
– New filters added:
– Power -> Mark enemy
– Power -> Attack the Quickest enemy
– Bonus vs Healers
– Bonus vs Defenders
– Bonus vs Large Creatures
– Resistances -> VS. Blue Faction
– Resistances -> Vs. Power Gainers
– Resistances -> Vs. Quick Heroes
– Positive Aura -> Epic heroes
– Positive Aura -> Healers

and some minor fixes ūüėČ

a huge thank you to:
– Agelico for her dedication to the HC and for her work on the russian part of the site,
– Peter S. for his valuable advices
– Therealpill Cosby, Hassan Alfar, FlowersOfSakura and all others HODA players for their time, contributions and feedbacks

As usual, if you see any mistakes, bugs or wrong filters results, feel free to contact me

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