HODA CODEX: v3.6 Hero type switches

The Hodacodex continues to evolve and improve with the release of Version 3.6.

Mainly i made the addition of new switches at the top of menu to quickly show/hide the various hero type :
– Heroes
– Gears
– Wisps
– Banners

You will notice that the initial sort is changed to alphabetical, and mythics will now be displayed at the top of the list when you choose to sort by rarity.

New filters
– Addition of Gear packs in the Packs-Nexus filter
– Addition of rewards for Unflung Heroes event
– Target -> multiple (with new icon on herocard)
– Bonus -> Gives 2x Damage Chance Bonus
– Aura Positive Effect -> Gives 2X Damage Bonus chance
– Bonus -> Vs Avvar
– Bonus -> Vs Nugs
– etc …

+ others
– minor change to speed & target label icons
– more space in hero description
– fixed some bad names or with incorrect quote
– fixed some bad translations
– fixed display bug for long description

+Work still in progress
Update rewards for Revamped Events
do not hesitate to report your rewards if they are missing

As usual if you found bugs or incorrect data, just report

Enjoy !

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