HODA CODEX: v3.5 Nexus & Gauntlet rewards and more

banner-3.5The Hodacodex continues to evolve and improve with the release of Version 3.5.

There are new and expanded filters including
– Filters to quickly find the possible rewards in the weekly Nexus events and the Gauntlet – Civil War (These lists are growing and changing and some are incomplete so feel free to help us adding rewards missing)
– Two new Heroes List filters finding Artwork
– Resistances and other filters have been expanded with additional options

Hero lists, including My Heroes and your other lists, continue to evolve with the addition of list Sharing.
You can now share any list you have created as a shortened URL or as a link in either HTML or Forum format.
Opening the URL in a browser will automatically add the heroes as a new Heroes List.

Some view options are now saved and automatically restored when you revisit the site.
Options saved include whether or not the Filters panel is initially visible or not, and the state of the Show Heroes/Gears options.
Hodacodex will now always load in the last language you choose.

These release includes a complete overhaul of the structure of the site to improve the performance and speed of the site.

All of this work plus the continuing effort to keep up with additions and changes to our favourite game is due to the investment of the Hodacodex team: Peter S., Agelico, and myself.
A big thank you to my co-workers and all contributors !

As usual if you notice any errors or problems keep me informed.
We also take requests so if you have an idea for new functionality or improvements to what currently exists, let us know about that.
Some ideas are already in the drafts, such as objects by packs or the much-asked team builder (the most complicated part…)

Official Rewards by Nodes – The Gauntlet, Civil War on the forums

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