HODA CODEX – Search & Sort – Packs update

HodaCodex-2.4-Search-&-Sort– Another new development in the Codex Hoda: Search Heroes & Smart Sort.
In this update, the Heroes are currently sorted automatically by name but now you can combine with other sorting as the rarity or the faction.
You can also search directly in the list in the new search area.
A huge thank you to Peter S. for this new achievement. Without his programming skills HC would not be what it is now.
– Sandal update
– KP & IP march update :
Knight Pack
**Felix Alexius, **Maevaris, **Aurelian Titus, **Imperial Archon, **Cillian, *Giant, *Horror, *Despair Demon

Iron Pack
**Noble Spirit of Justinia, **Maddox, **Samson, *Spirit of Justinia, *Noble Spirit of Hope, *Nightmare Aspect, *Giant, *Horror, *Despair Demon, *Snowy Wyvern, *Katari

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