HODA CODEX: Event revamped & wisps

New Heroes
Addition of some of the dual mythic wisps:
– Mythic Black & Red Wisp
– Mythic Black & White Wisp
– Mythic White & Blue Wisp

CP & GCP updated
Invisible Nug added
Divine Guard and Mother Giselle removed

A dream made reality
REVAMPED event with improved drop rate and reward structure, along with newly added heroes and gear, and Mythic Wisps!

Armada Captain’s Knife
Aurelian Titus
Captain Isabela
Hissera’s Mask
King Maric
Mythic Blue Wisp
Mythic White & Blue Wisp
Mythic White Wisp
Of Things Not Lost
Pauldron of the Arishok
Prowler Mail
Qunari Helmet
Soldier’s Plate
Tome of Ascension
Vanguard Armor
Varric Tethras

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