HODA CODEX: all the last changes

Hissera_FULLMany changes in the Hodacodex !

New Heroes added : 2* Spirit Champion and 1* Hissera

New Gears added : Hissera’s Mask, Qunari Tower Shield and Barbarian Lord Maul

Some Heroes have been revamped : Necromancer Dorian, Hissrad, Knight-Commander Delrin Barris, Apostate Jowan and The Seeker

Packs updated :

Removed from Champion pack: Grey Warden Loghain; Greater Frostback Elk, Nightmare and Heraut-spirituel_FULLGibbering Horror

Removed from Bloodstone Pack : Dragon Flemish, Paragon Caridin, Caladrius, Seeker Cassandra, Sten the Arishok, Crow Sevran, Sky Horror

Added to Bloodstone Pack : Ariqun, Artificer Varric, Plaideweave Vivienne, Plaideweave Dorian, Erasthenes, Ser Jory and Daveth

Added to Iron Pack : Viddasala, Elite Harlequin, Hand of Korth, Pala and Regalia D’Marcall

Many Tier Progression Art and Portraits added thanks to Agelico, Cat, Lokiloam and Therealpill Cosby

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