HODA CODEX: all changes with patch 01.30.19

With patch 01.30.19 many heroes have been revamped, some have only a few minor changes, others have been completely modified. All details here: https://bit.ly/2DLTzfi

2* Brogan Dace (Upgrade to 2*), 2* Lord Pyral Harrowmont (Upgrade to 2*)

3* Ariqun, 2* Jerrik Dace, 2* Divine Cassandra, 1* Nug King, 1* Snug the Bronto, 1* Fairbanks, 1* The Baroness, 1* Snowy Wyvern, 1* Seeker Cassandra, Corypheus, Connor Guerrin, Cassandra Pentaghast

New filters
Groups -> Dace Family
Positive Aura Target -> Dace Family

Brogan Dace and Lord Pyral Harrowmont went to Museum

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