HODA CODEX: Addition of the Halloween Nexus’s Rewards

You can see now all the rewards for the Halloween 2017 event directly in the HC !

Enjoy !

Here is the list:

Blighted Fennec
Corrupted Nug
Demon’s Advocate
Epic Black Blue Wisp
Epic Black Red Wisp
Epic Black White Wisp
Epic Black Wisp
Forge Master
Gauntlets of the Nug
Genlock Alpha
Legendary Black Blue Wisp
Legendary Black White Wisp
Legendary Black Wisp
Legendary Red Black Wisp
Mythic Black Blue Wisp
Mythic Black White Wisp
Mythic Black Wisp
Mythic Red Black Wisp
Rare Black Blue Wisp
Rare Black Red Wisp
Rare Black White Wisp
Rare Black Wisp
Sentinel Staff
Sera’s Raisin Cookies
Shriek Alpha
Soldier’s Plate
Stuffed Mabari
The Elders Grimoire
The Herald
The Lost
The Messenger
The Withered
Tome of Ascension
Tome Of Rifts
Uncommon Black Wisp
Wilhelm’s Staff

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