HODA CODEX: 3* Queen of the Eastern Seas and more

NEW HERO – 3* Queen of the Eastern Seas
NEW GEARS – common Smuggler’s Dagger and legendary Aeducan’s Hammer
With 11.7.18 patch some heroes has been revamped:
3* Dragon of the Elder One, 2* Red Lyrium Giant, 2* Red Lyrium Meredith, 2* Red Lyrium Samson, 1* Horror, 1* Red Lyrium Nug, 1* Red Templar Shadow, 1* Samson, Red Templar Archer, Red Templar Guard

All gear packs and Champion pack updated

Small change in sort mode: From now, when you choose to sort by Date, recently updated heroes are included. You can quickly see which heroes have been revamped

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