HODA CODEX : 2* Jerrik Dace & 1* Amber Shale

Jerrik-Dace_FULLShale-Ambre_FULLAddition of 2* Jerrik Dace & 1* Amber Shale

2 new items in Positive Aura Target filters : Brogan Dace & Snug the Bronto

Champion Pack updated according with CG official Docs

A big thank you to Hassan, Therealpill Cosby, sinjinkarch, Lokiloam, WorldKillers, Maske55, Scythe and all other for portraits. We’re now at 353 complete heroes. Very good work

A special thank you to Agelico who gave me a list of errors in the HC. I work on it ūüėČ

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