HODA CODEX: 2* Avernus and more

New Hero
Addition of 2* Avernus
New Gears
Addition of Alchemical Concoction and Antique Warden Crossbow
Bloodstone & Iron Packs refresh (patch 9.6.17)
Removed from Bloodstone Pack
2* Grey Warden Genevieve
2* Prince Sebastian Vael
1* Calpernia
1* Despair Demon
1* Giant
1* Katari
1* Thane Svarah Sun-Hair
Added to Bloodstone Pack
3* Red Jenny Sera
2* Renn
1* Cahir
1* Knight-Enchanter Helene
1* Marjolaine
1* Sha-Brytol Bolter
1* Snowball
Added to Iron Pack
1* Commander Duhaime
1* Daveth
1* Grey Warden Fiona
1* Nug King
1* Sha-Brytol Earthshaker
1* Venatori Marksman
CP & GCP update
Removed Marius & Tessa Forsythia
Events revamped with new rewards
Nature Nexus and Winter Wardenland events: newly added heroes,gears, and Mythic Wisps!

Thanks to Lokiloam we’re still at 100% portraits, no hole in HC ūüėČ

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