HODA CODEX: Patch 4/19

4-19_patchIron Pack & Blood Pack update
Merrill updated

Added to the Bloodstone Pack
3* Dorian
3* Fereldan Frontback
2* Bianca
1* Arvaarad
1* Great Bear
1* Hall
1* First Enchanter Irving
1* Sandal
1* Witherfang

Added to the Iron … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: 2* Renn and 1* Nug King

Addition of 2* Renn and 1* Nug King

Champion Pack updated: Sidony & Necromancer Dorian removed


HODA CODEX : 90% of portraits

announcement-BLUEI’m very happy to announce that the Hoda Codex now contains 90% of all Heroes’s portraits from the Game

A huge thank you to all contributors
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HODA CODEX: 1* Daveth and 1* Ser Jory

Daveth_FULLSer-Jory_FULLAddition of 1* Daveth and 1* Ser Jory
New filters :
Bonus -bonus Vs. Duncan
Penalty -Less chance to Attack Morrigan
Packs updated :
Dragon of the Elder One, Macrinus & Crassius Servis are removed from Champion Pack… Lire la suite

HODA CODEX: 3* Red Jenny Sera, 1* Plaidweave Dorian and Vivienne

Addition of 3 new heroes
New Resistance filters : Resist Vs. Apostates & Resist Vs. Demons
Assassin Florianne & Packs updated
Dorian-en-tartan_FULLSera-l-amie-de-Jenny_FULLVivienne-en-tartan_FULLLire la suite

HODA CODEX: 1* Erasthenes & 1* Venatori Gladiator

Addition of 2 new Heroes

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HODA CODEX : 2* Jerrik Dace & 1* Amber Shale

Jerrik-Dace_FULLShale-Ambre_FULLAddition of 2* Jerrik Dace & 1* Amber Shale

2 new items in Positive Aura Target filters : Brogan Dace & Snug the Bronto

Champion Pack updated according with CG official Docs

A big thank you to Hassan, Therealpill Cosby, … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX : Banished Plane

banishedplaneAddition of « Banished Plane » in the Packs filter & new Icon in Hero’s description
Thanks to Lokiloam & Therealpill Cosby from Hoda Forums for having inspired me this idea.

HODA CODEX – Search & Sort – Packs update

HodaCodex-2.4-Search-&-Sort– Another new development in the Codex Hoda: Search Heroes & Smart Sort.
In this update, the Heroes are currently sorted automatically by name but now you can combine with other sorting as the rarity or the faction.
You can … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX : 4/3/16

Addition of 3*Saabath & 1*Qunari Shock Trooper

A big thank you to Scythe for giving me the four portraits of « Saabath » so early !

Also thank you to Kosiciel, H. Alfar, Maske55, Therealpill Cosby, Papa Emeritus IV & … Lire la suite