HODA CODEX : 29/2/16

Addition of 3* Spirit of Cole & 1* Spirit of Faith
Thanks to Hoda community for all contributions

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HODA CODEX – Stats Feb. 2016

Stats-HC-02-2016Here some stats about the Portraits in the Hoda Codex – February 2016
We’ve got 1492 pics out of 1804, so 312 missing.

Thanks again to all contributors… Lire la suite

HODA CODEX – 25/2/16

Many pics added to the HC thanks to Hassan Alfar, Sinjinkarch, Sebastian Fjhgfjk, Scythe, YetAnotherZathrian & all other members from Hoda Forum
4-Capitaine-Isabela1-Feu-follet-rare-blanc-&-bleu4-Vinsomer….. & more

HODA CODEX – Negative Aura

Hoda Codex - Negative AuraA new way to filter your Heroes

You can now filter separately Heroes with a Negative Aura of those with a Positive Aura

It’s easy to find affected Heroes with the Negative/Positive Aura Target Filter

New Power Filter -Apply … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX – 19/2/16

Addition of 2*Gordian & 1*Maliphant

Still working to add new wisps


HODA CODEX – 18/2/16

1-Guerrier-de-l-ombreAddition of Shadow Warrior and we’ve got his portrait thanks to sinjinkarch from Hoda forum.

I’ve updated some heroes from CG last update : Ataashi / Bianca / Vengeance Anders / Snug the Bronto / Viddasala

And i’ve also deleted … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX – 14/2/16

Many portraits added to the HC.

Thanks to Peter S., Scythe, HSNalfar, Sebastian & all other for likes & feedbacks 😉

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HODA CODEX – 12/2/16

Addition of Young Cassandra & Regalyan D’Marcall
New filters : AURA Target->Seekers & several specific hero like Varric,Bianca,Beraht or Jarvi
Addition of the filter « Not in Pack », Thank you Scythe

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HODA CODEX – Packs filter

Hoda Codex - PacksfilterA new feature for Hoda Codex !
You can now filter the heroes according to which packs they belong.
Thanks to Agelico for this brilliant idea 😉
New icons have appeared in the hero’s description to quickly identify which Pack … Lire la suite

HODA CODEX – 5/2/16

3* Abyssal High Dragon and 1* Professor Frederic added to the Hoda Codex
New filters :
AURA Target -> Dragons
PENALTY -> Attack Allies
Few old Art for Duncan, Halla, Sten & Slave Fenris added thanks to Agelico’s art of … Lire la suite